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5 Things Kids Should Know About Mary

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The month of May is a beautiful time of year to introduce your child to the Blessed Mother. 

Spend time together learning about her and asking for her intercession during this joyous season. 

What should a child know about Mary? Here are 5 things to teach them. 

1. Mary was a real person.

With all the fictional characters that we present to kids, it is important that they know Mary really lived here on earth. Talk about who Mary’s parents were (Joachim and Anne) and what Mary’s life as a child might have been like.

2. Mary never sinned. 

Because Mary had a special calling from God, she never did anything that would offend or hurt God. She was full of grace and virtue.  

3. Mary is the mother of Jesus.

Mary was an important part of God’s plan to bring Jesus, Our Savior, into the world. She loved and cared for Jesus from the time He was a baby to the time He went back to Heaven.

4. Mary is our Heavenly Mother.  

Mary has a special job to care for us and protect us. She wants all of God’s children to be with her in heaven one day.

5. Mary wants you to talk to her.  

When we pray the Hail Mary or a rosary, we “talk” to Mary. She loves it when children come to her in prayer. Ask her to help you become more like Jesus.

Teaching your child to come to Jesus through Mary is one of the greatest gifts you can provide.

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